In May of the 35th year of Republic Era, Land Admin Subsection of Civil Affairs Section of Penghu County Government was taken over Land Management Office. Then it was renamed as Subsection of Magon Land Admin Office of Penghu County in Nov. of the 35th year of Republic Era. In Feb. of the 36th year of Republic Era it was divided into two Land Admin offices-Husi and Wonan Branch. In July of the 39th year of Republic Era, Magon, Husi and Wonan Land Admin Branch was merged to Penghu Land Admin Office until now.

The office was moved to No.26, Jhihping Rd., Magong City(The old building has been torn down and now is the shop front of Taiwan Mobile)in the 43th year of Republic Era; in the 66th year of Republic Era the office was moved again to No.7, Zhongxiao Rd., Magong City and this two-floors' building was finished in Feb. The owner is county government. In the beginning, only the right section was in used and the left section was supposed to be the Convenience Shop of public functionary and school teacher but the facilities did not finish until March of the 73th year of Republic Era which was located at the western side of the third building of county hall and then the whole building was utilized by Land Admin Office until now.

How to arrive:

(一)Location: No.7, Zhongxiao Rd., Magong City, Penghu County
(三)Working hour: 8:00am-17:30pm from Mon. to Fri. (Lunch time is 12:00am to 13:30pm.
  We still accept any application, registration of transcription service and surveying applications)
(四)Appoint with the director. Please refer to our“Citizen Services Handbook”/E-file。

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