一、Land Registration Section

(一)First-time registration of Land and Building proprietary right
(二)Land and building proprietary right transfer: including transaction, donate exchange and public property divide
(三)The registration of public land proprietary after paying the price
(四)Other proprietary creation registration: including the creation, transfer and amendment of property rights of mortgage, property rights of superficies, property rights of dien and property rights of easement
(五)Follow the order from courts and Revenue Service offices about restricted registration, provisional seizure, provisional disposition, prohibition disposition
(六)Cadastral Storage management
(七)In accordance with simplify the flow chart of administration procedure, we open a one-stop window for any simple case application to improve administration efficiency
(八)The computerized operation process of popularization of land registration. From review, register, check and print are all computerized

二、Land Survey Section

(一)Land and Building Survey
(二)Re-survey of cadastral map
(三)The survey and subdivision of public facility land
(四)The survey requested by the court
(五)The check of changes of land category
(六)Issue of cadastral map transcripts
(七)The keeper of cadastral original and copied map
(八)One-stop window for computerized process of land administration information, issuing the cadastral map transcripts and survey map of constructional improvements transcripts
(九)One-stop window for dealing with land re-survey and Buildings Surveying
(十)The survey of subdivision and survey requested by the court for cadastral map re-survey and public facility land

三、Land Value Section

(一)Issue of land value approval
(二)The correction and management of land value zone map
(三)Inquiry of public current value
(四)The set up of announced current value and land current value
(五)Be in charge of announced land current value and related affairs; investigate the dynamic condition of land value and make a distribution map of sales or revenue; re-survey the land value due to the subdivision or consolidation; update the register due to alteration of the main cadastral file; reduce or free of tax; land survey; the report of urban land value index and land value investigation; related affairs about determining the base standard land and checking.
(六)Manage the announcement of land usage, correction and re-registration of non-urban land; the announcement of the footnote and cancellation of the hillside conservation
(七)The management of seal, signature and property
(八)The management of general affairs, cashier, accounting, research and evaluation, document (Receipt and Filing) and other affairs.

四、Personnel Officer

(一)The suggestion and check for the revise of organization.
(二)The suggestion and check for employee's appointment and removal.
(三)The suggestion and check for employee's retirement and compensation.
(四)The suggestion and check for employee's training and advanced studying.
(五)The management of employee's public insurance, health insurance and retirement and compensation fund.
(六)To hold the employee's union activities.
(七)The entry and proofread of every personnel data and the certificate's approval.
(八)The management of employee's attendance and absent.
(九)The application for employee's welfare.
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